About Us

This blog is the brainchild of two musing souls, who happen to be sisters. They were born in a small town but the drastic personal transformation they experienced in little more than thirty years of their lives prompted them to ponder over questions such as are we actually the master of our own fate? How childhood and other personal traumas shape our thoughts and eventually make us act in a certain way? What does it mean to be your true self? and so on.

On this journey of musing and self-awareness, we came to meet many other souls, who were struggling with somewhat the same questions. Therefore, we decided to start this blog so that we could share our good and bad experiences that made us who we are today in order to spread hope and support that there is a way out of the darkness, that our vulnerabilities or inadequacies are our biggest strengths, that we can be what we set our mind to be, and that going through deadly loneliness, nerve breaking depression, and betrayals are part of the process to be truly great and free.

Sumera M. Gill

Meet Sumera (The Key Blogger)

Hi, I am a marketer and an economist by profession. I like to read about social, behavioral, and cognitive psychology and topics such as inequality, racism, women empowerment, child abuse, and intersex rights are very close to my heart. Since I like to eat healthy (except for a daily dose of dessert that I cannot live without ;p) and stay physically in shape, I make sure to walk or jog daily and eat natural products like fruits, vegetables, and yogurt.